Add a New Member

To add a new member, select the "Add New Member" button or 

Once a member account is created, this can be linked to the contact assigned to ministry content: events, articles, small groups, and sermons.

Adding a Member

  1. There are two options for adding new members.
    1. Add a Single Member - Within the Amplify Websites dashboard, navigate to People > Members and click the Add A New Member button near the top of the page on the right-hand side.
    2. Bulk Add Members—The bulk tab allows you to add multiple accounts at once and add members who already have an account on the platform.
  2. Enter a first name, last name, email address, and group
  3. Click Save.

    Note: If you receive the message that the email address is already in use, you can add the member using the Bulk tab.

Once a member is created, you can select the person in the list to manage the following info:


The details added to the initial account creation can be managed under this tab.


With Member permissions, you can provide your team members with customized levels of access to your content.

There are two check box options within the "Set Login Details" section.

  1. Allow login to the backend
    • This controls whether the user can log in to the Amplify Websites module.
    • The Rules feature allows users to manage content for specific areas in the website module (e.g., sermons, events, etc.).
  2. User is a Site Administrator
    • A Site Administrator has full access to the frontend and backend. No "Rules" will affect a Administrative User.
    • When adding a Site Admin, check both of the "Login Details" boxes.

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This tab allows you to manage the member details, including Phone, Photo, Position/Title, About Me (Bio), Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Display Email, and Hide Email.


This tab shows what groups that the member is part of. All users are associated with "Site Group" by default, and additional groups can be added/removed under this tab.

Add Members in Bulk

This feature is handy when you have multiple people that you would like to add as members to the site all at once.

Within the Amplify Websites dashboard, navigate to People > Members and select the Bulk tab.

On the next screen, enter each email address one per line. You can also provide first and last names for the accounts by separating these with commas.

Example:, First Name, Last Name

By adding the email address to the Bulk tab, the Member account is added to the current site with no member permissions. Once a member has been added to your Members module, permissions can be added by editing the member.

Members can also be added to a selected group from this screen. 

Note: If the email address already exists, the existing account will be added to your site instead of being created from scratch.


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