Small Groups Overview

The Small Groups Module is used to display groups on your website. This could be for a group finder, a list of groups or a single a featured group.

Within your Amplify Website dashboard, this is area is located under Events > Small Groups.

Note: How you display Small Groups on your Amplify Website is dependent on what website platform you use:

Cloud: Group Elements
WordPress: Group Widgets

Module Breakdown

Small Groups

This default tab displays a list of your small groups. From this screen, you can edit an existing group or add a new small group.


Categories can be applied to Small Groups for filtering, as well as can be used to display specific groups on subpages (i.e.: community groups, Sunday School groups, etc.).


When creating a group, you can use the Room field to include the Room location for a group. A list of all rooms added will display here.

Small Groups Integration

If you are using the Ministry Brands Amplify People module (or one of the Ministry Brands ChMS platforms), you can sync your groups over to your Amplify Website small groups module.

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