Events Overview

The Events Module enables you to easily add events to display on your website.

Within your Amplify Website dashboard, this area is located under Events > Events.

Note: the events module needs to be used in conjunction with an event widget.

Cloud: Event Elements
WordPress: Event Widgets

Module Breakdown


This is where you will Edit a specific Event or add a new Event.


The Calendar view allows you to easily add and delete events as well as make exceptions to recurring events.

Clicking the pencil icon on a recurring event provides the following options:

  • Edit the master event: edit the original event that started the recurrence.
  • Edit just this occurrence: edits this specific occurrence of your recurring event.
  • Delete just this occurrence: this allows you to delete this specific occurrence of your recurring event.
  • Delete entire event: deletes all occurrences of this event


Categories can be applied to Events for filtering, as well as can be used to display specific events on subpages (i.e.: ministries, new here, etc.).


This is where you can organize all of your event coordinators. Depending on your page structure, a coordinator may be linked to their email address, or other pertinent information.

Event Integration

If you are using the Ministry Brands Amplify People module (or one of the Ministry Brands ChMS platforms), you can sync your events over to your Amplify Website events module.

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