Add an Event

Within your Amplify Website dashboard, navigate to Events > Events and click the Add a New Event button.

Detail Tab

On the Detail tab, the following fields are available: 

  • Name - title of your event
  • Description - event details
  • Start Date/Time - controls the event start date/time
  • End Date/Time - controls the event end date/time
  • Repeats - if an event is recurring, use this option to set the schedule. Additional options will display to set the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule.
  • Ends - end date for recurring events or select "Repeats Indefinitely"
  • Website - adds an additional url to the event details
  • Location - select the event location from the dropdown menu or use the + to add a new location.
    • All locations are managed under Settings > Locations
  • Room - adds a room to the event details
  • Coordinator - select the event contact
  • Categories - select the categories for your event
  • External Registration Link - adds a registration button to the event details
  • Cost - controls the price in the event details
  • Att. Limit - controls the event limit number
  • Image - adds an image to the event details

Publish Tab

On the Publish tab, you can choose how you'd like to publish the event.

All events will be assigned to the default "Site Group", and you can add another group if applicable (ie: for a specific campus, ministry, etc.).

Schedule a publish status change - this option allows you to keep an event as Draft and schedule the date/time when the event should be published, and vice versa.

When saving the event, you can either keep an event as draft, publish as featured or publish.


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