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Each Amplify Website Theme comes with an Event Layout, a Detail page, and various Widgets or Elements to highlight Events across the site. When you first create a new website in Amplify, you'll see there is demo content already added to your Events page.

Follow these steps to edit, delete, or add to the example events.

  1. In Amplify Websites, go to Events > Events > Add a New Event
  2. Add 3-6 months of upcoming Events for your church.

Use your website to display public events for your church visitors and members. Amplify Websites is a great solution to manage all calendar events.

Events can include an image and thorough description, they can be recurring, and people can RSVP to them, and make a payment all within your website.

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Add an Event
Cloud Event Elements
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ChMS Event Integration
Are your Events created in Amplify People or another Church Management (ChMS) tool?

You can use this same integration for both Events & Groups if you have SimpleChurch CRM, F1Go, ShelbyNext, RealTime by SiteOrganic, Elexio Community ChMS, Church Office Online ChMSBridge Element ChMSEasyTithe Plus, Twenty28 ChMS, and E-zekiel ChMS.

Learn how by checking out this help article: People & Website Events & Groups Integration


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