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Each Amplify Website WordPress Theme comes with an Article Layout, a Detail page, and various Widgets to highlight Articles across the site. When you first create a new WordPress website in Amplify, you'll see there is demo content already added to your Serve page (check out the list of Common Uses for Articles below for more ideas on how to use Articles).

Follow these steps to edit, delete, or add to the example articles.

  1. In Amplify Websites, go to Content > Articles > Add a New Article
  2. Add 4-12 helpful or relevant articles.

Common Uses for Articles

  • Stories - personal testimonies about growth or salvation
  • Weekly church updates (Bulletins)
  • Serve Opportunities (At church, in the community, globally)
  • Podcasts
  • Church Blog
  • Missionary news
  • Newsletters online

Ready to Get Started?
Articles Overview
Add a New Article
Cloud Article Elements (Not available at this time)
WordPress Article Widgets


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