Articles Overview

The articles module is where you will be able to manage and control all of the content related to articles on your website. This versatile content module is designed with plenty of sorting, filtering, and grouping options, and some common uses for articles include resources, stories, and volunteer opportunities.

Within your Amplify Website dashboard, this area is located under Content > Articles.

Note: the articles module needs to be used in conjunction with an articles widget.

Cloud: Not available at this time.
WordPress: Article Widgets

Module Breakdown


This is the bread and butter of the articles module. Here you will find all of the articles you have ever written. As your site grows, you may find it helpful to sort and filter the articles to narrow down what you are looking for. You can also search for the article by name, author, category, or series in the search this list box.


Each article can belong to one series. A series is used to help group your articles when a user is searching for content on your website.


Unlike the series tag, your articles can have an unlimited number of categories associated with them. Be sure to add category tags with care, since they are used to help a visitor on your website find your content easily.


All of your articles were written by someone! Be sure to acknowledge them by keeping your authors list up to date. Your authors for articles are different than your authors in the blogs module, or preachers in the sermons module. Assigning authors is important since they are used to help visitors on your website filter by a particular author.


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