Dashboard Setup

The Amplify Website Dashboard allows you to connect to your Google Analytics account for a single website. Once connected, it displays charts and graphs for website traffic statistics allowing you to learn how many people visit your site, which referring sites they come from, and much more.

Follow these steps to link your own Google Analytics account to the Amplify Websites Dashboard.

Note: If you are a Site Administrator, you'll see an option to set up Google Analytics in the Dashboard. If you are not a Site Administrator, contact your account owner for more information.

amplify web dashboard analytics.png


Step-by-Step Dashboard Setup

If your new site is not yet live, you can set up Google Analytics for your domain, but the dashboard will not start tracking the data until your new site is live.

Before You Connect Your Dashboard
You must set up your Google Analytics account, get your tracking code, and add it to your Amplify Website before setting up the Dashboard. Check out our article to learn how: Capturing Analytics

From the Amplify Websites Dashboard, click the Connect button, then follow the steps to confirm your integration. You're done!

Note: It may take 24 hours before the data is displayed in the Amplify Website Dashboard.

Due to Google's security policies about third parties accessing user data, your Analytics may disconnect from the dashboard. If this happens, simply re-connect your Analytics in the same manner as before.

For complete Analytics data you can always login to https://analytics.google.com


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