Embed my Live Stream on WordPress

Live Stream Page Template

Your Amplify WordPress Website Theme includes a Page for your live streaming embed and other recommended content. This page uses the "Theme Name | Watch Live" Template.

Example shows the Morning Star Theme's "Watch Live" page template.

wp example live stream template.png

Add Your Live Stream Embed Code to a Page

Follow these instructions to add an embed code on any page.

  1. From your Amplify Website WordPress Dashboard, click Pages
  2. To update the page where you want to embed your stream, click Edit with Elementor.
  3. Add the HTML Widget to your canvas. If using your Theme's Live Stream page, you'll want to delete the example Image.
  4. Paste your embed code.

    wp streaming embed.gif

  5. Click Update

Amplify Streaming Code

  1. If you're using Amplify Streaming, you can get your embed code by going to your Amplify Streaming Dashboard, Click Streaming > Settings
  2. Click Embed Settings and copy the iFrame code for your "Live" stream

    embed code amplify streaming.png



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