The homepage is a key component of the website and will be the first impression for first-time visitors. You'll want to make it appealing, inviting, and intriguing.

Depending on who the web visitor is, it can be a bit of a balancing act to accomplish several different needs for a variety of people. The great news is you have room to accomplish this.

Essentials for a homepage:

  • Make a good first impression
  • Give people an understanding of who you are
  • Welcome new guests
  • Provide fresh content to engage returning visitors


Homepage rotators are often positioned prominently at the top of the website. You'll want to make sure that attractive images and important content go here. Rotators are usually seen without the web visitor even having to scroll down.

Use images and/or videos that embody the vision and encapsulate the church's spirit. Inspire your web visitor to learn more about your church.


Sections, or blocks, are used to display blocks of content on each page of your website. On the homepage, they are typically located below the hero image or rotator and web visitors can scroll down to see multiple sections.

Your homepage comes with some pre-designed sections unique to your chosen website theme. Each Section or Block can be edited, duplicated, rearranged, and removed. 

Sections allow a lot of versatility and creativity. New sections can be created with any content you'd like and added to your homepage. Sections can include text, images, links, buttons, videos, etc.

We've designed sections that utilize our ministry-focused content from your Amplify Website. Using these sections allows you to show things like Upcoming Events, Latest Sermons, Featured Articles, etc. When you add new events, sermons, groups, and articles, the latest or featured will automatically update on the homepage in that particular section.

Ready to Get Started?
How you edit your homepage is dependent on what website platform you use:

Cloud: Cloud Pages, Layouts, Blocks, Rows, Columns, and Elements
WordPress: WordPress Pages, Templates, Sections, Columns, and Widgets


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