My Cloud Site's Navigation Menu

Updating my Navigation Menu Links

Your site's theme has a global site header with your site logo and navigation menu (depending on your theme, you'll have other elements as well). 

Follow these instructions to access and edit Menus on your website theme.

  1. From your Cloud Website, click the CMS icon in the left sidebar and go to Menu tab

    cloud edit menu.gif

    • If you have more than one menu on your site, select the correct menu from the Create or select a menu: dropdown. 

      Note: Your website theme may have other menus in use, ie: Links in your footer may use a separate menu.

      cloud create or add menu.png

  2. From the Pages menu, check the box next to each page you want included and Click Add to Menu.

    cloud add page to menu.png

    • All added pages will appear at the end of your menu. Drag and drop the pages in the order you want and indent pages to create dropdown menus.

      cloud drag and drop menu.png

  3. Click Save Changes.

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