Creating Team Templates for Scheduling

Team templates are useful for creating a group of standard roles that are used week after week for a team. You can even add a specific person to a team template in situations where that person serves in that role on a regular basis. Team Templates are set up on the team management pages. From the People Teams tab, you can access those pages by clicking on the team name Templates.

Creating a Team Role Template: To create a new team template you will need to first make sure a Team is created. Once you've navigated to People> Teams> selected the team you want to edit> go to "Templates" tab and then click the button “Create a new team role template” and give your template a name and a description if you choose (ie: Acoustic Worship as opposed to full band). Then drag from the roles/people added to your team onto the new template. If you haven’t created any roles, click on the Roles tab to the left, and type in the filter/search bar for your new role, it will prompt you to either select an existing role, or you can click. Click on “Create a New Role” and following the prompts.


Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 11.31.40 AM.png


Scheduling with a Team Template: Back on the Scheduling Page, you can use your team template to schedule a group of assignments at once. Drag and drop the appropriate team template (in the left column) and drop it into the service. (This makes scheduling a breeze!)


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