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There are a litany of helpful design elements you can easily add to your Cloud Website.

Skim through the list below, expand an element, and watch the step-by-step video!


  • The Accordion Element allows you to nest content from text, images, videos, counters, maps, and icons into other accordions in a collapsible display. This is a neat way to free up space and keep things organized, especially helpful for FAQs.


  • Cloud-Website-Alert-Element.png

  • Cloud-Website-Audio-Element.png

  • Buttons are important for your website because they help people know where to click and what to do next. Buttons make it easy to move around and do things like signing up or learning more.

    button element.png

  • carousel element.png

  • Create anticipation, promote important dates, engage visitors, and add visual appeal. Whether it's for a special event, upcoming sermon series, or ongoing activities, the countdown element is a valuable tool for churches to utilize in their online presence.

    countdown element.png

  • The Embed element within Cloud allows you to bring in content from other sites. Simple copy and paste. In this video, you will learn everything there is to know about embedding code into your Cloud pages.


  • cloud gallery element.png

  • Icons are incredibly useful on a website, enhancing the message you want to convey to your visitors. With Amplify Cloud's wide selection of 4000 icons across 27 categories, including outline and glyph styles, you can easily enrich your site's visual appeal and streamline navigation. Plus, the copy/paste style option allows for quick adjustments, and its icon grid feature simplifies the creation of side-by-side icon arrangements.
    icon element.png

  • icon box element.png

  • image element.png

  • You may have videos on YouTube or Vimeo that you want to highlight on your site. Use the Playlist Widget to keep your site visitors on the site while they watch your worship team, or highlights from past events, etc. 

    playlist element.png

  • The Progress Element allows you to show progress in projects, or what has been achieved. Get site visitors excited about your community goals, like building projects, meals provided, or baptisms.

    progress element.png

  • rating element.png

  • social sharing element.png

  • switcher element.png

  • table element.png

  • Learn how to leverage the power of the Text element to achieve your goals when it comes to typography on your website. We'll show you all the options, fonts, colors, and global styling. Enjoy.

    text element.png

  • twitter element.png

  • video element.png


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