Cloud Pages, Layouts, Blocks, Rows, Columns, and Elements

Create a Page

  1. Once logged into your Amplify Websites Cloud site, access the Settings from the left sidebar & go to Assets > Pages


  2. Press the Add New Page button at the bottom to add a new page.


  3. Press the Settings icon to edit the page title, the slug and SEO meta description.


  4. Press the Edit Page icon to jump and edit that page. 



Save and Use Blocks and Layouts

You can save both Blocks and Layouts so that they can be used later. 

Saving Blocks

Go to the Block Options in the top right-hand corner of any Block and click the Save (heart) function within the Options toolbar. 
cloud blocks and layouts 1.png

Saving Layouts

Go to the toolbar at the bottom of the page, click on the Options (up arrow icon), and click Save Layout.

cloud blocks and layouts 2.png


Using Saved Blocks 

  1. Go to the Block Manager when adding a new Block.

    cloud blocks and layouts 3.png

  2. Go to the Saved tab. All your saved Blocks will appear here.

    cloud blocks and layouts 4.png

  3. Select the Block you've saved and a copy will be added to your page.

    cloud blocks and layouts 5.png

Using Saved Layouts

  1.  When you start building your page, go to the Saved tab.
  2. On the right, select Layouts. All your saved Layouts will appear here.

    cloud blocks and layouts 6.png

  3. Select the Layout you've saved and a copy will be added to your page.

    cloud blocks and layouts 7.png


Publish a Page

Draft Mode

Each time you create a page, you'll notice in the Options toolbar (right-hand corner) that it will be listed as Save Draft. This means, that currently, it is only available for you to view. If your domain was already live, and people could access it, they won't be able to see this page because it is in Draft mode.

To set a Published page to Draft mode, simply go to the Options toolbar, select the Options icon, and click Switch to Draft.

cloud draft.png

Published Mode

To publish it so that people can view it on the internet:

  1. Select the Options on the right (up arrow icon), and click Publish Page

    cloud publish.png

  2. Now the button changes to Update (which means Save). Every time you make changes on your page, click Update to save. Once published (and your domain is live), the page is now available to view as a visitor.

    cloud update.png

Preview a Page
To Preview how a page will look to a visitor, click the Preview button. This opens a new tab in your browser and shows you how the page looks.


Blocks, Rows, Columns & Elements

Pages are made up of three building blocks Blocks, Columns, and Elements. 

Blocks are sections that extend the full width of the page and can be identified by a blue line border between blocks and the Settings menu icon cloud settings menu icon.png.

Rows allow for more levels of styling and control when making your webpage and can be identified by a gray dotted border and Settings icon cloud row settings icon.png.

Columns are within each Block and can be identified by their blue bounding box and Settings icon cloud row column icon.png.

Elements are placed within each Column.

Cloud building blocks.png

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