WordPress Pages, Templates, Sections, Columns, and Widgets

Create a Page

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard, click Pages.

    create a page 1.png

  2. Click Add New Page

    create a page 2.png

  3. Add your page title and click Edit with Elementor

    create a page 3.png

Add a Template

  1. When editing your page, click the folder icon in the open section.

    create a page 4.png

  2. Click the My Templates tab.

    create a page 5.png

  3. Select the Page or Section Template you want to use and click Insert.

    create a page 6.png

  4. Click Apply

    create a page 7.png

  5. Now you can edit the template content added to your page. This is a copy of the template and will not override the template in any way.

Publish a Page

  1. From here you can update the example content with your content. When complete you can Save as Draft, Save as Template, or Publish.

    create a page 8.png

Sections, Columns & Widgets

Pages are made up of three building blocks Sections, Columns, and widgets. 

Sections extend the full width of the page and can be identified by their outer border.

Columns are within each Section and can be identified by their dashed border.

Widgets are placed within each Column. These are building blocks for your website. They add functionality to your page, allowing you to do everything from writing text to adding dynamic data.

section column widget.png





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