Using Templates and Layouts

Create or edit the existing subpages for your website.

Templates can be either Pages or individual Blocks (Sections) that are saved in the Template Library and can be reused across your site to keep the overall design consistent. Each Amplify Websites WordPress theme comes with pre-saved Templates, and each Brizy Cloud theme's pages and sections can be saved as templates to ensure you can get your website set up with thoughtful design. 

There are infinite ways you can use saved templates on your site. Add the "Basic Page" template to a new page to help get started. Reuse the Ministry Detail page template for Kids, Youth, Men, and Women. You can even create your own page or section designs and save them as templates to reuse.

Ready to Get Started?
How you use templates is dependent on what website platform you use:

Cloud: Cloud Pages, Layouts, Blocks, Rows, Columns, and Elements
WordPress: WordPress Pages, Templates, Sections, Columns, and Widgets


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