WordPress Header and Footer

Option 1: Edit form the Template Menu

Your website’s header and footer use templates that appear on all pages across the site. To change the content in either template:

  1. Navigate to Templates > Saved Templates.
  2. Search for “Header” or “Footer” to find the templates your website uses. 
    1. Note that the “Instances” will say “Entire Site.”

      header instance entire site.png

  3. Hover over the title and click “Edit with WordPress.”

    edit header.png

Option 2: Edit from the Front End of your Site

Once logged into your Amplify Websites WordPress site, you can edit Pages and Templates from the Front-End of your site.

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, hover over your site name in the top WordPress menu bar and click View Site.

    header view site.png

  2. Once viewing your site, hover over Edit with Elementor and click Header. Because your Header and Footer are templates set to show across the site, you can access them when looking at any page. 

    header edit front end.png

  3. Once you’ve made your edits, remember to click Update. View the front-end of your site to see the updated header or footer template! 

    header update.png


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