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If you have fellow team members who will be helping to edit your website, they can be added as an admin to your Amplify Websites account. Members granted administrator permissions can make edits to the site.

Add a teammate as an Amplify User 

From the Amplify Dashboard, click Manage > Users. Click the blue +Add button then add your teammate, making sure to check off the Websites tile (below).

When you're finished, click the Invite button, and the user will receive an email to log in and create a password. (More detail on adding Amplify Users).


Set your teammate’s Amplify Websites Admin Permissions 

  1. Click the Amplify Home icon at the top left of your screen amplify home icon.png
  2. In the dropdown that appears, click Websites 

    amplify websites menu.png

  3. From the Amplify Websites module, navigate to People > Members  
  4. Click the first name of the new user from step 3.

    team 5 edit.png

  5. Navigate to Step 2 (Permissions) to set Login Details and Rules for the user.  
  6. Click Save 

    team 6 permissions.png

Once this is complete, your new teammates can log into Amplify and act as administrators in your Amplify Websites account.  

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