Site Identity

Your Amplify WordPress Website's site logo and title are dynamic. You'll want to make sure you've updated this to reflect your site before you launch.

  1. From your Amplify WordPress dashboard, click Appearance > Customize.

    site identity 1.png

  2. Now click the Site Identity tab.

    site identity 2.png

  3. From here you can update your:

    1. Logo: This will update the logo in your header.

    2. Site Title: We recommend not changing the Site Title within WordPress. Any update to the Site Title in Amplify Websites will overwrite the title WordPress title.

      1. To edit your Site Title in Amplify Websites, navigate to your Amplify Website dashboard click Websites > Manage Sites, and click the linked title of the website you'd like to edit site settings. 
    3. Tagline: A tagline in WordPress is a short description or slogan that summarizes your entire website that helps with SEO. Users can see your complete tagline when your site is displayed in search results.

    4. Site Icon: Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, and bookmark bars. Site Icons should be square and at least 512 × 512 pixels.

    5. Once your updates are complete, click Publish.

      site identity 3.png


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