Website Identity: Logo, Favicon, Tagline, etc.

Why is my site's identity important?

Filling out your website's site identity, including elements like the title, logo, favicon, tagline, and other branding elements, is crucial for several reasons:

What to include a site Header

  • Visual Identity: A well-designed logo and consistent use of colors, fonts, and imagery create a strong visual identity for your brand. This helps visitors recognize and remember your website.

  • Credibility: A polished and professional-looking site identity instills trust in your visitors. It signals that your website is well-maintained and takes itself seriously.

  • Navigation: A clear title and tagline help users understand the purpose of your website quickly. This is especially important for new visitors who should be able to grasp your content or services without confusion.

  • Title Tag: The title of your website is a crucial SEO factor. Search engines use it to understand the content of your page and display it in search results. Including relevant keywords in the title can improve your site's visibility.

  • Favicon: A favicon is a small icon that appears in the browser tab and bookmarks. It may seem like a minor detail, but it contributes to the overall professionalism and branding of your site. It also helps users identify your site when multiple tabs are open.

  • Shareability: When users share your content on social media, having a clear logo and title ensures that your brand is properly represented in shared links, enhancing the visibility and credibility of your content..

  • Brand Cohesion: A consistent site identity across your website, social media profiles, and other platforms helps build a cohesive brand image. This consistency contributes to brand recognition and trust.

  • Inclusivity: Clear and readable titles and taglines contribute to the accessibility of your website. This is important for users with disabilities who may rely on screen readers.

In summary, filling out your website's site identity is not just about aesthetics; it's a strategic step in establishing and maintaining your online presence. It influences how visitors perceive your brand, affects your site's search engine performance, and enhances the overall user experience.


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How you change your website identity is dependent on what website platform you use:

Cloud: Project Settings
WordPress: Site Identity


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