Choosing a Website Platform: "I Want Easy" vs. "WordPress"

I Want Easy

Best for simple website needs. Intuitive drag-and-drop design, and integration with our most used ministry-focused content modules. 

Included Ministry-Focused Content:

Sermons, Events, Small Groups, FMS Forms

Starting an Amplify Cloud Website?
Before you make any changes to your site, you need to save your Blocks and page Layouts so that you can reuse them. If you delete blocks or layouts before you save, you will lose part of your chosen website theme.

Learn How to Save: Cloud Pages, Layouts, Blocks, Rows, Columns, and Elements

I Want WordPress

Best for sites where flexibility and customization are a priority. Full access to our suite of ministry-focused content modules. Drag-and-drop design. 

Included Ministry-Focused Content:

Sermons, Articles, Events, Small Groups, Staff, FMS Forms, Prayer 

Side-By-Side Comparison Charts

Take a look at these charts to see the differences between the two Amplify Website platform options.

General Editing

  "I Want Easy" "I Want WordPress "
  Brizy Cloud Platform Elementor Platform
Drag-and-Drop Editing
Global Styling ✔ - Basic ✔ - Robust

Amplify Theme Template Library


Amplify Theme Blog



Ministry-Focused Content Widgets and Elements

  "I Want Easy" "I Want WordPress "
  Brizy Cloud Platform Elementor Platform
Articles -
Small Groups
Staff -
FMS Forms
PrayerCloud -

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