Content Linking Options

Direct your Mobile App users virtually anywhere using a Tap Interaction (a link) from any Content Block.

At the bottom right of the editor, each content block provides these three navigation options. 




Navigate to a Page in Your App

Use this option to link to an App Module or another Custom Page. Use the provided scroll bar or type the Module/Page name to filter your results.




Pro-Tip: Keep your App Menu simple. We suggest no more than 8 menu items. Use this option to link to Custom Pages that aren't displayed on the main menu.


Navigate to a Form

Easily link any content block to a form you've created. Type your form name to filter the results.




Note: If you link to a form that includes payment fields, on iOS (Apple) devices, the form will open in a web-browser. (This is a requirement for payment processing on all iOS devices).


Navigate to an External Webpage

Use this option to link to a page on your webpage or any resource that's hosted online!

For example, you can link to the file URL if you've uploaded a newsletter or bulletin to your website's file storage. 




Pro-Tip: If you choose to link to a file, we suggest saving your files in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer is free and has become the standard for text-based files shared online. Most web-browsers will display a PDF automatically in a new browser tab.


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