Form Templates

We have EIGHT customizable templates to choose from to create the most commonly used forms. Here are the templates we offer: 

  • Giving Form or Express Giving
  • Giving Fund List Form
  • Contact Form
  • Event Registration
  • Children's Event
  • Subscribe Form
  • Prayer Request Form
  • Online Attendance 

Giving Form

The Giving Form template includes the Fund Dropdown Field Set. Any funds you have created that are active will be available to add to the dropdown.

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Giving Fund List Form

The Giving Fund List Form template will show all funds that have been set up in Fund Management. You will have the ability to hide funds that are not relevant via the Field Set Properties. You will also have the ability to add images for each fund via Fund Management (by default, there will be a blue mountain image next to any funds that do not have an image uploaded). Donors can enter a total gift amount at the top of the form and Divide Among All Funds or Apply To All Funds. Alternatively, donors can select differing amounts, separate recurring frequencies, even start dates for each fund. 

Note: The image size should be no larger than 1526 x 1145 pixels or 5 MB

MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png


Contact Form

The Contact Form template provides a short and easy way to gather basic information from whomever might be needing to contact your ministry/organization. 

Contact Form.png


Event Registration

The Event Registration template provides an easy way to register someone for any event you might be hosting. It is already set up to have the ability to Add Another Registrant so multiple people could register using just one form. 

Event Registration.png


Children's Event

The Children's Event template includes commonly used fields needed to gather important information about a child such as the parent/guardian's name, emergency contact, medical information, etc. It also includes the ability to register more than one child using the same form. 

Childrens Event 1.pngChildrens Event 2.png


Subscribe Form

The Subscribe Form template allows people to request subscriptions to newsletters, bulletins, etc. 

Subscription Form.png


Prayer Request Form

The Prayer Request Form template allows people to submit a prayer request for the staff/prayer team to receive and pray for them. It includes conditional formatting already set up! So when someone selects Yes for Would You Like Someone From The Team To Contact You?, the phone number and email fields will appear.

Prayer Request Form.pngPrayer Request Form 2.png


Online Attendance 

The Online Attendance template can be made available to those who weren't able to attend church in person to let you know they attended church online that day and provides the ability to give online on the same form. 

Online Attendance.png







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