How to Link to other Pages


Almost every Cloud Site tool provides the ability to link elsewhere. When you need to link to other pages within your Cloud Site itself, set up a Relative URL. (ex: /page-name).

Note: If you're just setting up your website, this will prevent you from having to redo all your links to match your domain when your website goes live. 


Step 1:

In the sidebar, click on the Tri-Bar icon then click on Pages. 




Step 2:

Find the page you'd like to link to then highlight and copy the Link. In the example below, to link to the Men's Ministry Page, you would copy /mens-ministry




Step 3:

In the Cloud Website Editor, navigate to the content where you'd like to add a link, then click on it. In the Toolbar that appears, click on the Chain Link Icon, then paste your relative URL in the Link To textbox. 






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