Website Plugins: Wordpress: Small Group Module- Features

Group List

This is a grid list of all available small groups from E360. Using the settings of the module, users can choose categories and groups as well as how many per page should be displayed. Users can also choose additional settings for the appearance of the groups in the grid.

Group Slider

This is a carousel of small groups that allows the user to scroll left and right through the listings. Users can choose which categories or groups to display, as well as how many groups they want in the carousel.

Group Layout

This is much like the Group List view, except this also offers searching of small groups and the ability to sort the small groups by categories. By toggling various options within the filter, users can choose what small groups they want to show in this searchable grid.

Group Detail

This is a singular small group listing that allows users to list individual small groups with details. Toggles allow users to choose what information from a small group is shown, and they can also use choose the specific small group to appear.

Group Featured

This is much like the Group Detail, but the Group Featured allows for more specific controls for which small group is shown. Users can set a number of additional details for the event, including the option to always show the most recent small group created.


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