Website Plugins: Wordpress: Events Module- Adding an Event

The Events Module allows users to add events to pages as blocks of content. There are a number of options for these blocks in appearance and layout. 



1) Click on Events under the Events Menu in the L-Bar. A list of all Events will appear. 

2) To add a new Event, click on Add New Event. 

3) The Event entry page will appear.


  1. 4) Enter a title for the Event, and enter the Description for the Event. 

  1. 5) Add the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time. Choose if your Event will take place all day and/or if it will repeat. 

  1. 6) Enter additional information as needed, such as a Website link, the Location of your event, Rooms for your event, Coordinators, Categories, and an External Registration link if necessary. 

  1. 7) You can choose to link your Notes to the event if necessary. 

  1. 8) Add a Cost or Attendance Limit to your event if necessary. 

  1. 9) Add an Image or Header Image as needed. If you choose to upload an image, the field will change to an upload by clicking on the link to the right. To change it back, click the same link to the right. 

  1. 10) Finally, you’ll choose when you want your Event to be published. You can also add your Event to a Group or save your Event as a Draft for later editing.



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