Cloud Sites: Events View Options

We provide five unique "views" to display events on your website.


Pro-Tip: Many organizations use the Event Layout option for their primary Events page. Another common use is placing the Event List view on the home page and setting the filter to display only featured events - an easy way to highlight and promote some of your most important upcoming events.


Event Layout

This is our most versatile calendar view, allowing site visitors to use tabs to switch between Featured Events, a List of Events, or the Full Calendar View. When viewing Event List or Full Calendar, they can easily search by event name or by category. 



Event List

This is a grid list of all available events. Using the settings of the module, users can choose categories and groups as well as how many per page should be displayed. Users can also choose parts of the events to display, offering different amounts of information. In the example below, just one row of events is displayed. 



Event Featured

This is like the Event Detail listing, except this offers more control for the specific event to be shown.




Event Calendar

This is an active calendar view that shows all events from a monthly view.



Event Detail

This is a singular event listing that can show recent events. The event can be listed with a number of details depending on what is chosen and what has been entered for the event. If an image is associated with the event, it will appear on this view as well.





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