Cloud Sites: Sermons View Options

Sermon List

This is a grid list of all available sermons. Using the settings of the module, customers can choose categories, groups, and series. Customers can also choose parts of the sermons to display, offering different amounts of information.

Sermon Layout

This is much like the grid list, except this also offers the option to search within the layout. Customers can use this to offer a searchable space for sermons, including sorting the view by Category, Series, and Speaker.

Sermon Detail

This offers customers the ability to list a recent sermon as a featured item. The sermon will appear with the details, such as date, speaker, and category. Customers can also offer the media versions of the sermon, like audio and video.

Sermon Featured

This is like the Sermon Detail view, except in this case, the sermon can be a particular sermon, rather than a recently written sermon. Example: a customer could choose the latest sermon from a specific category. Sermons shown here will also show the transcription or audio of the sermon.


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