Website Editing Basics

In just a few short minutes, master some of the most common types of content you'll be using - plus learn some Pro-Tips along the way!



  • Text formatting
  • Numbered or Bulleted Lists
  • Add spacing above or below text
  • Text Links & other Pro-Tips

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Learn how to easily:

  • Add & Position Images
  • Resize & Zoom
  • Add Image Masks (eg. change images from a rectangle to a circle)

(Image file size must be lower than 10MB)

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A button quickly draws a website visitor's attention regarding where to click next. Learn how to...

  • Add & Position Buttons
  • Customize the Look of your Buttons
  • Add Button Icons

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Beyond simple links to social media, icons help website visitors quickly identify & find unique sections of your site. Icons can be particularly effective on your home page to highlight key areas you want to promote. Plus - we provide over 4000 stock icons for you to use!

Learn how to...

  • Add & Customize Icons
  • Search our Icon Library
  • Build an Icon Menu

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