Allow Members to Manage Who Can View their Personal Information in your App

App users can manage what personal information is public or private through Profile Visibility

In particular, allowing members to manage what personal information is visible on their own is a huge time saver for staff!

Note: Profile Visibility requires that your organization uses both Amplify People, Giving, and Mobile App AND that they have been integrated.


Access Profile Visibility in your App:

Tap on the Profile Icon and log in.

Note: The Profile Icon may appear in different places depending on your selected menu layout

At the top left of the Profile Screen, select the tri-dot menu and select Profile Visibility. On the following screen, use the provided toggles to manage who can view demographic information, like Address, Cell Phone, Birthdate, etc.




Visibility Controls:

Staff Only (The most restricted setting): If all three toggles are disabled, that piece of information will only be visible to Admins or users (typically organization staff or volunteers) with necessary "view" rights within Amplify People. Ex: Note Milo Smith's address (above) is visible to "staff only"

Group Leaders: Information will only be available to Leaders of Groups the individual is in.

Group Members: Information will be visible to Groups Leaders and Group Members the individual is in.

Directory (the least restricted setting): Information will be visible to Group Leaders, Members, as well as the Organization's Directory (if enabled).

Note: Keep in mind that Mobile App users who are not in your People Directory group will not have access to the directory. The Directory is only visible to individuals who have logged on to your App AND are in the Directory Group you've selected. 


Modify Family Members' Visibility Settings

In Amplify People, if an individual is set as the Primary Family member he or she will see a Change button on the Profile Visibility screen. When selected, he or she can select another family member and edit what personal information for his or her family members.




Pro-Tip: For security, many parents may want their children to appear in the Directory, but not any associated contact information. Parents can easily use this feature to manage if/or what appears for their children!




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