After-Hours Support

Having an Emergency?

For urgent issues within regular business hours, please call our team.


How we define an emergency:

(1) Check-In is Non-Functional

Check-in is an important part of our software. If you've already setup and used Check-In before but now see that something isn't working as it should, please continue to the Emergency Support Form.


If you're having trouble setting up Check-In for the first time, please review our Check-in trouble shooting tips below:

1. Check-in Setup

2. Check-In Troubleshooting Guide

3. All Check-In Resources


(2) Performance issues

If your database is running unusually slow or you're unable to access certain pages (i.e. By Individual giving report) we want to help! Please submit the Emergency Support Form below and provide details such as:

  • Which pages are you having trouble accessing?
  • If Search related, how long are searches taking and which search tool are you using? (Simple, Advanced, Header, etc.)
  • Error message details. If you're receiving an error message, please include the specifics as to what error message you're seeing.


(3) Mass Contact is Non-Functional

Mass Contact is an essential tool for church staff. If you're seeing issues with Mass Contact please submit the form below and be prepared to provide the following details:

  • Which Mass Contact method(s) are you having trouble with? (Email, SMS or Voice)
  • If email, please provide 2-3 specific email addresses where you're seeing issues. It will also be helpful to know if there are specific domains (i.e.,,, etc.) that you've noticed are not receiving mass emails.


(4) Your Amplify Software is Inaccessible.

Obviously, this is a critical emergency. Please proceed to the form below and we'll investigate promptly!


Open an Emergency Ticket



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