View, Add, and Manage Amplify Users and Permissions

On the Amplify Home screen, click on Manage. In the left sidebar, under Manage Organization, click Users. Here you can view, add, or delete users within your Amplify Account.




Note: Users can be both staff or volunteers who manage your software AND people (think members of your ministry community) who simply log in to donate online or view the church directory.

In general, when you add users, you're adding individuals with permission to manage portions of your Amplify software solutions.


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Add Amplify Users

To add new users, click on the blue +Add button. Uncheck any modules you don't want a user to manage. Each person must have a unique email and phone number. 

Important: When a user is provided Universal Admin access, they will have complete rights to every* Amplify module AND can manage your entire Amplify account.

Note: For security, Univeral Admin does not give full rights to Amplify Giving Admin. You must provide additional permissions within the Giving Admin module itself.



Once finished, click the blue Invite button. The individual will receive an email from with a unique link to set up their password (below).



Important: You must also give module-specific permissions to users within each module! More details are below!


How to Assign Permissions within each Module

As mentioned above, when you add a new user (whether a universal admin or individual with rights to specific modules), you'll need to assign them appropriate permissions within each module. 

After sending an invitation to a new user, at the top left of the screen, go to the App Switcher menu and select a module that you would like the user to manage.  




Click a tab below to learn where permissions are managed within each Amplify Module.

  • Within the People Module, click on the gear icon at the top right, then select Permissions. Here, you can set up unique roles and permissions for your users. Learn more here!



    *Click on the image to enlarge

  • Within the Giving Admin Module, click the gear icon at the top right, then select the Managers Tile. You can add managers to your Giving account with custom permission sets. Learn More about Giving Manager Permissions!



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  • Access to manage your Mobile App is either on or off. In other words, a user either has permission to manage your Mobile App or not. Simply check or uncheck the Mobile App tile when editing a user within the Amplify Users section. Mobile App Help.

    Note: The integrated Mobile App dynamically 'pulls in' content from other Amplify solutions, such as Forms, saving you from re-creating duplicate content. Therefore, you may need to give your Mobile App administrators permissions to other Amplify Modules.



  • From the Amplify Websites module, navigate to People > Members. Simply click the first name of a user or check off their name and click the Edit Selected button. On the screen that appears, navigate to Step 2 (Permissions) to set login details and rules for the user. Learn more!



    *Click on the image to enlarge

  • From the Amplify Streaming module, navigate to People > Members and the first name of a user to edit their profile. On the screen that appears, navigate to Step 2 (Permissions), and check off the topmost three checkboxes to manage your Live Streaming software (below). Live Streaming Help.



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