Amplify Permissions

As mentioned in our Amplify Home Guide, in addition to setting up universal permissions for administrators when you first add an admin to your church account, permissions must also be set within each individual Module! 





After sending the invitation to your admin, please go to your Navigation Menu on the top left of your window and click into the module (Giving, People, Mobile App) that you would like your admin to have access and permissions to. 


While in the People Module, check out this article for setting up specific church management system permissions for your admin: Permissions and Roles





While in the Giving Admin Module, check out this article for setting up giving account manager admin permissions: Managers Permissions



There are no more necessary permissions to set up for the Mobile App Module. This permission is either turned on or off when you first add the admin to your account and select the Mobile App module (permission on is noted by a checkmark).




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