Introduction to Amplify Home

Welcome to Amplify!

Amplify Home is your hub for account setup and quick access to all your active modules. Watch the video below for high-level orientation. Keep reading for more details.


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Access your Modules

On the Dashboard, simply click any Amplify Module to get started!



Pro-Tip: We've added a standard "App Switcher" dropdown menu within every module (*below). Use this to easily switch between modules or navigate back to the Amplify Home Screen. You're never lost! 



Which Module is Which?

While we hope our naming conventions are self-explanatory, here's a quick overview.


Giving Admin is where you will handle all things Online Giving. In the Giving Admin Module, you'll manage your donation page(s), funds, donors, update bank information, and more.

People is your church management system. Schedule events in the calendar, organize Bible study groups, send mass communications, input offline donations, and more!

Mobile App - no guessing here, configure your mobile app! Engage your community with media, event registration, check-in, and just about anything you can dream up with Custom Pages!

Streaming is your ministry's live-streaming platform. Broadcast your worship services and events anywhere and integrate your streaming page onto your website, mobile app, or social media! 

Websites: manage one or more ministry websites through our easy-to-use, ministry-focused website management tools and designs.

Note: To get a great start with each module, review the Basics section within each Module's Help!


Manage your Organization

On the Account Overview & Subscriptions screen, you can review which modules or bundles you've purchased as well as add additional Amplify Modules.



On the left-hand side, the next menu option is Invoices! Click on the blue invoices button to see invoices, update your method of payment, and edit any other billing-related information.



Under Users tab, you can view and add admin(s)/users to your ministry account.

Click on the blue "Add" button to add a new person:

*Please note: Each person must have a unique email and phone number*

When you click on 'invite', your admin will receive an email from with a unique link to set up their password! 

You can choose to give people access to specific Modules, or make them a Universal Admin.

Please Note: You must also give module-specific permissions to your admins within EACH module! Be careful who has Universal Admin access, as they can manage your account.


My Church Profile (4)

My church profile directs you to your specific church profile page. Provide your church with updated contact information, important dates, view giving history, download giving statements, and much more!


My Giving (5)

Exactly how it reads! This is where you can go to your church's active Giving Form to generously donate, view your scheduled recurring gifts, and update payment information!



Note: You might see a tab that say's 'Sign in', if you do, enter your active address to register your giving profile or to connect your giving account with your profile.



Help (6)

The question mark mceclip1.png directs you to our help guide!

We truly desire for you to be equipped and empowered to use all the tools available to your ministry! Search through our Guide and find numerous help articles to help you accomplish your ministry amplifications!

If that isn't enough or perhaps too confusing, thats okay! Make sure to use our chatbot mceclip2.png!

Last but certainly not least, we have real people ready and willing to assist you! Submit a support ticket and rest assured that you will receive a timely response!




Initials (7)


When selecting the circle icon with your initials on the top right corner, you have the option of viewing your user account profile or logging out!

Note: If you want to delete your account, make sure to request account deletion on the bottom of your user account profile page.




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