How To Share Your Forms - 7 Easy Ways

Build a form once - then share & promote it anywhere!

Pro-Tip: Eliminate duplicate forms (& form systems) by using these 7 easy, yet highly effective ways to share your form everywhere. For example, instead of using your website form tool, simply embed your form on your website or link to it! 


Where to Find Form Sharing Options

Located on the bottom of your form builder is a Form Properties option. Click to open this option to access your General Options tab and scroll down until you see these options seen in the picture below. Continue reading to learn about all of the ways to share your form. 



QR Code

Each form will produce a unique QR Code for easy sharing. You'll be able to download the QR Code and use it for posters, slide presentations, brochures, and more.



Embedding Your Form

You can embed your form so it displays within your website. (Don’t let the word “embed” intimidate you! It simply means ‘copy and paste' your form into your website).

Every website provider/platform is a little bit different, so if you need a specific “how-to” instruction on embedding a script related to your website software, your website provider should be able to assist you.

A Note on Security: If embedding your Giving Form on a website, it MUST be placed on a page with SSL encryption (https). If you’re not sure how to enable SSL on your website, please contact your website administrator or provider. It’s typically a very simple process!



Direct Link

You can copy the direct link to that form, and paste it where ever you'd like to share your form link!

Pro Tip: Form links can be long. If you're using our ChMS Software, use our link-shortener tool to create a simple URL that links directly to your form! These are great for text messages (below) & anywhere else!



Text Message

Once you have obtained your direct link, you may copy it and navigate to Mass Contact. Choose to create a new Text (SMS) Message and compose a message. Paste your direct link into the message and use the Shorten Links button to minimize the characters used in your text and then click Send



Pro-Tip: See some example ministry engagement ideas for using texts & short-links together - plus other SMS pro-tips. View them here! 


Form Keywords

You can now share your forms using your Text Giving number utilizing Form Keywords. Each form can be assigned a keyword that will direct givers or registrants to that form. For example: "Text COMMUNITY to xxx-xxx-xxxx to sign up to join a Community Group." then givers receive a text response with a link to the form.



By using the Form Categories within your Form Properties, you will be able to share your form within the MinistryOne App. 

  • Contact Form - By checking this box, allows the form to display within the Contact Module
  • Event Registration - By checking this box, allows the form to display within the Discover & Events Module


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