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This report shows the members who have been absent two or more times in the last month for an attendance session. This can be adjusted to any date range. You can also filter by the number of absences to find a different threshold (base number of times missing a session).

To get to Absences Reports

  1.  Go to Reports → Attendance → Absences.
  2. This will automatically populate a report that will show you individuals who have been absent two or more times in the last month for any attendance session in the system.

To filter these results: 

  1. Click on the  3-Dot icon at the top of the page on the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Then select and click on Filter.




  1. A modal will appear at the top of the report allowing you to set filters for your Absence Report.

The parameters available are

  • Group → This allows you to choose one or more groups to include in your report. To select more than one group, simply scroll down the list and click to add any you want to filter on (use the ' X ' in the Group Name button to remove it). You are also able to quickly filter groups by starting to type part of a group name into the box to search.
  • Start Date → allows you to select the First date in the range you wish to have included in the report.
  • End Date → allows you to select the Last date in the range you wish to have included in the report.
  • Threshold → selects the least amount of times an individual was absent before they are included in the report.
    • If you enter the number "4" you will get a report for any individuals that have missed 4 or more meetings in the date range selected.




  1. Click Submit

The list of filtered members will be presented as a list with their First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Absences (number of times they have missed being marked as attending). Each of these columns can be clicked on (like the Absences column) to quickly filter the list.





To Send a Mass Contact

  1. Filter the report following the steps above.
  2. Click on the Blue Envelope in the upper right-hand side of the report. 




  1. A pop up will appear. This will allow you to put in a subject and the body of an email. 
  2. If you wish to log this email as an interaction for all individuals in this report, put a checkmark in the box for this.

send an email modal

  1. Click Send




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