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This guide will cover setting up {{LABEL_NAME}} to sync with Planning Center Online. The purpose for this integration is so that contact information only has to be updated in one place, {{LABEL_NAME}}, and that information will sync with Planning Center Online thus keeping you from having to make changes in two different places.

The sync only works one way - from {{LABEL_NAME}}Planning Center. Information that is updated in Planning Center will not sync back to {{LABEL_NAME}}.


  1. Login into Planning Center Online. You MUST do this or the link will not work.

Also, make the person making the link that follows is logged into {{LABEL_NAME}} and Planning Center Online as a full administrator. Lower permission levels will not allow the proper access to the API links that need to be made in the following steps.

Planning Center Login screen

  1. Back in {{LABEL_NAME}}, navigate to  Settings → (More) → Services, and scroll to the bottom.
  2. Click the Enabled radio button in the Planning Center Section.
  3. Then click Authorize access with Planning Center. You will be taken to Planning Center's website.

Planning Center app authorization

If you don't get this authorization, please make sure to check browser plugins and popup blocks which could affect allow this connection to take place.
  1. Click the link the Allow button to complete the link. You will now be taken back to {{LABEL_NAME}}.
  2. Scroll back down to the Planning Center section.
  3. Now, you need to choose the group(s) that will get synced with Planning Center.

Setup PCO Sync Group

  1. Use the search box to locate groups, and select your choices. They will then appear below in the Sync Groups section. When you update anyone in these groups, they will get updated in Planning Center Online. Individuals that may have already been in one of these sync groups, prior to the integration setup, will not sync to Planning Center Online automatically. {{LABEL_NAME}} will sync individuals under the following circumstances:
    • An individual, who was part of a Sync Group prior to the integration, has their profile updated; e.g. their email address changed and was updated in {{LABEL_NAME}}.
    • An individual is added to a Sync Group after the initial integration.
  2. Click SAVE to finalize the sync setup.

What information syncs?

The following contact fields sync from {{LABEL_NAME}} to Planning Center Online:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Primary Email Address
  • Home, Cell and Work Phone

Additional Notes

  • Only Individuals that have an email address on their profile in {{LABEL_NAME}} will sync with Planning Center Online.
  • Individuals will initially sync with the "People" area of Planning Center Online but can be used throughout the entire program.
  • The selected Sync Groups themselves will not sync to Planning Center Online, only the individuals that are in the groups. 
  • Syncs happen every 15 minutes. So, after you choose your Sync Groups and begin adding individuals to those groups, it could take 15 minutes before those changes appear in Planning Center. The same is true for updates made to the individuals contact information after the initial sync.


Connection Issue Troubleshooting

Use the radio button to Disable the sync and then click SAVE to remove the authorization. Then, run through the setup above again and establish the sync.



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