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The Individual Attendance Report helps you spot attendance trends and keep people from falling through the cracks by viewing weekly attendance for individuals. This allows looking at activity across many different groups and attendance sessions.

For example:

  • A youth leader could use this report to see attendance patterns for anyone in the "High School" group. This could include check-ins for serving opportunities or other ministry events outside of the youth group.
  • Or the same youth leader could look at attendance patterns for anyone attending either track of the Sunday Youth events. Even though there are two different events, it's easy to see all of the attendance patterns in one list.

For each person, columns for each week included show a clear "Present" (  ) or "Absent" (  ). This makes it easy to scan a list of people to spot those with less regular recent attendance patterns, or who have stopped attending recently.

Counting "Present" and "Absent"

  1.  Present shows if an individual has an attendance record for any included group attended that week. Any number of times attended in the same week will show as "Present"
  2.  Absent shows if an individual has no attendance records for any groups attended that week.

Filter Options




  1. The Groups Attended filter limits the groups being used for the attendance count.
  2. The People filter limits the individuals listed on the report. 

Once you have applied the filters desired, run this same report again at any time using the   SAVE button. This will place your saved report in the My Reports area.

Other Tips

  • Hover over an absent or present icons to show the specific dates it references.
  • Click on a name to see that individual's specific attendances for the entire period on their Timeline. Or click an absent or present icon to see just that week.
  • Basic individual contact information is included in the CSV download (  ).
  • Weeks may not be displayed if there is no attendance recorded for any listed individuals. This keeps special weeks like Christmas or weather cancellations from affecting the listings.
  • Individuals with no attendance during the period will not be listed.
  • The first day of the week for this count is based on your Giving Week Start Date, which is in Settings  → General Settings.

Tri-Dot Actions




Like most reports, you can use the tri-dot in the upper right to take action with the list of people displayed. This could include adding them to a group for follow-up or assigning specific interactions.





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