Integration with Constant Contact

Mass Contact excellent for simply styled email communication. However, should you be looking for feature-rich email templates, we might recommend MailChimp or Constant Contact. So that you can take advantage of their services, we've created easy to use integration to keep your contact lists in sync. Here's how:

  1. Create an account at Constant Contact
  2. Select General Settings  → Services




  1. Scroll down the page and enable Constant Contact with the radio button and then click SAVE.




  1. After saving, a link titled "Authorize with Constant Contact" should appear. Click this link, input your Constant Contact Username and Password to login and establish the connection.




  1. Record your Username and Password and select Login.




  1. After logging in, choose to Allow the database to connect to Constant Contact.




  1. Select the list that you want to sync and then click SAVE.




  1. Now, choose your Group(s) in the database that will all sync to the same list.



  1. Click SAVE once more to complete the setup.

Done! That is it. Your accounts are now connected.


• How often does it sync?

The sync is constant. As soon as a contact is added to a sync group, the name and email address are pushed to Constant Contact.

• What happens if someone is removed from the Group?

You will need to access your Constant Contact account and remove the person from your email list(s).

• What happens if someone is removed from the Constant Contact list?

You will need to access your database and manage the Group(s) that are handling the sync and remove the person from that Group.

• What happens if someone changes a contact email address in the ChMS or Constant Contact?

If you change the primary email address in the ChMS, the contact update will sync over (the change is almost instant). If you change the email in Constant Contact, that will not update the ChMS and you will need to change it there also.

• Why can't I find the person I am looking for?

If you cannot find someone in your contact list in Constant Contact that was synced over from a ChMS Group, it is possible that the person you are looking for shares a duplicate email with another individual who was synced over. This is common with spouses, children, and families. It is recommended that you verify that all individuals who need to receive your communications have their own unique email address to guarantee successful contact sync.



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