MinistryOne Calendar and ChMS Calendar Integration

Display the Calendar in your Mobile App to promote your events and quickly link to registrations or sign-ups! Don't have MinistryOne yet? Open the 9-Dot app switcher at the upper right and click on MinistryOne to talk to us.


From within your ChMS Database home screen, or your ChMS Calendar, navigate to the 9-dot menu and choose MinistryOne.




You will need to sign-in to access MinistryOne's Portal. Once you have signed-in you may be asked to choose your project. If you have not yet created one, you can go ahead and get started by clicking New Project. For more information on how to set up your MinisryOne App, check out our article on How to Get Started!


Ensure that your ChMS Integration is turned on! Find App Settings and turn on Enable ChMS Integration.




Choose Modules and locate Calendar. Enable the calendar by clicking the toggle button. 




To Integrate ChMS Calendar or iCal Feed, navigate to the calendar module properties by clicking Calendar on the left-hand menu. 


ChMS Calendar Integration




iCal Calendar Integration




To update the look, or to reorganize the location of the Calendar buttom within the app, click Design, from the menu page choose a screen layout option and reconfigure and rename your different modules to your liking. 






From inside of the App, find your Calendar module and click on it to view. It will look similar to the image below. Your calendar events will populate into this view for your church to see, users will be able to click into the event to view more information and details.

Important Note: Keep in mind, the Event Feed updates approximately every 15 minutes. So, when you are adding new events into the calendar make sure to allow a small-time cushion, refresh the app and your event will appear. 




Pro-Tip: Images can be added into the calendar feed via the Forms tool. For more information on how to link your Forms and Images to your Calendar feed, Click Here for our step-by-step overview.


Once a user clicks into an event, a similar view will appear allowing the user to interact with the event however you would like. Perhaps you are hosting an event and you have linked your sign-up form to the event, this form will be accessible inside of the calendar for your attenders to fill out. 





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