Giving Reports Overview

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Report on the donation information for your church with easy-to-use filters. Use the tools along the top of the report or through the action menu   to find and export these details.


Interactive Reporting

Use the filters immediately along the top to start filtering giving information. The goal of these filters is a way to refine the displayed information quickly. We will use the Giving Overview report as a reference point since it is a more complex and commonly used report.

Most aspects of the report page are links to filter or generate a report on specific information. For instance, clicking a giving category will pull up individual donations made over that time range to that fund.

Button Filters

Each button contains filtering options to refine the displayed giving totals on the page. Filter on relative dates or a date range from the first button. Additionally refine based on Category (fund), Group, Campus (if you are using them based on General Settings  ), and More Filters for tax status or source (online or offline).

To start filtering simply click the button and then click to choose your filter(s). Choose the next filter or click DONE to save the changes and then APPLY to view the results. Notice that any button with applied changes turns a different color to indicate filtering is being applied.

To clear the filters and start over again, use the RESET button to remove the changes.


Download Button


Use one of the available download options to bring the data filtered from the database to your computer or device. Choose from a CSV, QuickBooks export file, or any other options to generate a PDF output.

Additional options based on configuration are:

  • ParishSOFT (ConnectNow)
  • Financials sync by date




Rapidly get an idea of the performance for your top 4 funds and general total. Click the funds along the bottom to remove them and change the graph view. 


Text and Number Links

Once the data is filtered the way you want, the reporting options become powerful with detailed results if a member has individual giving reporting permissions. Click a category or any linked dollar amount to open the individual details report with that filtered information. 



Hover over filter buttons to see the changes applied
Reference the 'Start Date' for the Week



Tri-Dot Reporting

This menu is contextual and changes based on the reporting tab. Look here first for quick actions that can be taken to act on the giving data in the report. Some common actions are: 


Use the Filter tools to sort on different aspects of the data. Options may be available for filtering by Groups, Categories, etc. (not an exhaustive list). Select the items that best narrow the field of data to the specific details you are looking for.

Most commonly used is a start and end date to narrow the range of time. The default is set to 6 months as a common middle ground. From there, the time range can be narrowed or expanded by clicking in the field and manually typing a date (MM/DD/YYYY) or using the calendar selection tool to choose a date. 



Printing can vary in function in a couple of ways. Use print to generate a PDF of the report which is then downloaded to the computer or device (this is the most common). It can also serve as a printout of the page directly. Lastly, for year-end statements, print can be used for generating statements to a PDF which are then printed and mailed out.



Export is commonly used to create a CSV file with the report data. This is often the best way to refine more granular details in Excel. Export can also be tied to other functions like email year-end statements.



Open the editing tools in areas that may need updating like the Anonymous user report or the Batches area. Helpful if a tweak or change needs to take place.





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