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Under the General Settings → General, add your organization's address, preferred data formats, and setup multi-campus features. These appear on reports and several other key areas of your software. 





If you'd like your church logo to appear on reports, simply toggle on this option and your logo will appear at the top left of PDF reports.



Church Information

Add the church name, address, and other default settings that apply to many areas of the database. This information can be used for things like reports and giving statements.

Of particular consideration are the Time settings when it comes to the 'Giving Week Start Day' and the 'Default Timezone'.

  • Giving Week Start Day → An adjustment here changes the first day of the week for these different areas (Note the Dashboard widgets allow for their own start date to be set).
    • Labeling: The week should be labeled with the Sunday date, wherever Sunday falls related to the Week Start Day.
    • Monthly Counts: For a week that is between two months, show it with the month where Sunday falls.
    • Weekly Reports: The Giving Overview charts and Glance "Weekly Attendance" charts count all attendance or giving within the same week. Attending 5 times in the same week shows as attendance for one week in on a chart. “The same week” depends on the week start day.
  • Default Timezone → Determines time settings for reporting, scheduled times to send a contact, system log details, etc.

Click Save at the bottom to finalize your changes.


Setting up campuses allows for splitting calendars, donation tracking, and member filtering. The following video is an overview of how easy it is to set up and enable for your organization.


This video may include some out-of-date images. We appreciate your patience as we work to get these videos updated.




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