Match (Map) Giving Funds to Sync with People Funds

After you integrate your People and Giving software, you'll need to map (match) the funds you've setup in Giving to the Funds (Giving Categories) you've setup in your People Database. Without doing so, your online donations will not dynamically import from Giving to People. 

How to Map Funds:

In your Giving software, click on the Gear Icon at the top right of the header. 

On the Settings Screen, click the Integrations Tile (below - you may need to scroll down).




On the Fund Mappings Screen, your Giving Software Funds appear on the left-most dropdown menu and your People Software funds appear on the right-most dropdown menu - titled Database Fund.

To map a fund, select a Giving System Fund then the corresponding People Database Fund and click the Add New Fund Mapping button. After a 1-3 second delay, you'll see the funds you just mapped in the list provided.



Note: If a People Database Fund is not listed, ensure that fund is added to your Database, then click the Refresh Database Fund List button (below). 



Once you've finished mapping your funds from Giving to People, click the Enable People Integration button. (the 'Donor Envelope' option can be left on the default option "No")




Hooray! Now that your funds are mapped and People & Giving are fully integrated, any online donations will seamlessly flow to the donor's Giving History in your People software!



Matching Logic Details

When a donor completes a transaction online, the matching logic follows this process:

  • If the donor is already mapped (matched) to an individual in your People Software, then we create a contribution record within your People Software for that person.

  • If the donor isn't mapped (matched) to an individual in your People Software, then we search your People Software for the person, based on the E-mail address and Name.

    • If a match is found, then we create a contribution record and link (map) the two records together, so all future donations are attributed to the matched individual.

    • If a match isn’t found, then we create a new person and corresponding a contribution record (provided 'New Person Mapping' is enabled in your Giving Software).

    • We then update the donor record in Giving with the your People Software user ID so all future donations are attributed to the matched individual.

Note: there can be instances when a donation is not added to your People Software. This is called a
ChMS Sync Error





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