Export to QuickBooks

This feature allows you to export fund/category totals into a file. This can then be imported into QuickBooks for whatever date range you select.


Export & Import Process

To begin, configure your QuickBooks account by navigating to General Settings  → Giving → Export to QuickBooks.




Once your account has been configured, start an export by navigating to Reports → Giving → Overview, then click the   Icon and select Export to QuickBooks in the drop down.

QuicksBooks Help information on the 'IIF' export / import process: QuickBooks Support




On the screen that appears, select your giving methods and Mode (Date Range). All configured Giving Categories will be included in your export.




At this time, export / import integration is only offered with the installed version of QuickBooks, not QuickBooks Online. That said, you can easily run the same Giving Overview report and copy and paste the total giving amounts for each fund that week into their respective accounts in your accounting software.




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