How often do triggers and actions run?

As a part of making sure your automated Workflow runs the way you want, it is helpful to have some ideas of how often they run. Most are continuous or run in a short time frame so they are regular.

Trigger Timeframes

Triggers and actions typically run around every 15 minutes, so be aware that triggers and actions do not occur instantaneously. However, {{LABEL_NAME}} monitors your account so that triggers and actions are executed correctly and in a timely fashion. 

  • Attendance triggers → will run once a week if they are set for more than 6 days. Attendance workflows that are set for 6 days or less run daily. The time they run/fire is based on when the workflow was created. You can 'reset' the clock on this by manually running the trigger which will update the timestamp and the workflow will continue to run based on that date until it is manually run again.
    • Example: if you create a workflow on Monday at 10:00 am for attendance (trigger) that adds a person to a group (action), then the following Monday about 10:00 am, the attendance trigger will run and put any members with that attendance into the group.
  • Added to a Group → Runs periodically throughout the day.
  • Form Submission → Continuous
  • Giving and Pledge Creation → Continuous
  • Membership Duration → Continuous


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