Building A Workflow For Background Check Reminders

Background Checks are a vital element for volunteers who are serving on your Church team, especially those who serve with children and students. To ensure that your background checks are always up to date, consider employing this Workflow in your system. 

Begin by building your Groups

Before you build your workflow, you will want to make sure you have groups built to house your volunteer teams. This workflow can automate reminders for multiple groups, so make sure your groups include everyone you would like reminders for. 

To add a Group, navigate to Groups and click Add. Give your group a name using good naming mechanisms and build out your settings to your liking. Continue building your groups until you feel you have all that you need! 

For tips on how to build your groups, check out our article 5 Tips for Building Great Groups!


Begin building your Workflow

Find the left navigation menu and select Workflows.


Locate and choose Add from the Workflow Dashboard. Give your workflow a name and a description. This makes your workflow easier to find the next time you need it and the description gives you a reminder of exactly what this flow is doing. 

Begin with +Add Trigger and select the Individual - Date Field trigger. In the Match a Individual who is in field, begin adding the groups you would like these background check reminders to work for. You may add as many as you need. 

For the Choose Event field, select Last Background Check and select No in the Treat this event as an anniversary. 

In the When the event is... field, you will add the time between background checks you would like the workflow to remind you of. For example, if you would like to run background checks for your volunteers every 2 years, you would add 2 years in the past in this field. Use your Church's rhythm for background checks in this field. 

Your completed trigger may look something like this:


You may choose to build out your actions however you like, but we recommend adding an Admin Message and an Email being sent to the Group/Ministry Leader indicating which individuals are due for a new background check. 

Click +Add Action and select Admin Message. A good template for this message could be:

This individual has not received a background check in the last two years. Please order a new background check as soon as possible.

Click Done and select +Add Action then add the Email action. Select The Group Leader(s) and anyone else you wish to be included on the email. You may build the email settings however you wish and add a message for your recipients. 

When you are ready, click Save and your workflow is ready to go! 


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