Form Properties: General Info

Location of the form properties tab

General Info

  • Form Name: The name present at the top of the form and what a visitor will see immediately. A good name will define in a nutshell what the form is for.
  • Header Image URL: Upload an image from a local computer via the 'Upload Image' button. Images uploaded will always go full width at the top of the form. Image height is not defined by the Form and needs to be determined when properly sizing the image for use at the top. A general guideline for an image would be to use a 16:9 aspect ratio. While a taller image can be used, it may not result in the best overall look for the Form or websites or in mobile apps.
  • Form Description: Used to give the visitor an overview of what to expect and the reason to fill it out. This area is great for adding additional links to other resources. Use the editing tools to build in dynamic information

IMPORTANT: Using the Picture tool in the editor requires the image to be hosted via a publicly accessible web address. Common places to host an image could be on your website or through file-sharing services. Exercise caution here as permissions can cause the image to not display and local IT resources will need to help with resolving those issues. A good test is to paste the image address into the browser address area and see if the image is displayed. If it does, the image can be used in your message.

  • Field Validation: Use this radio button to notify a visitor of what fields are required or not required to complete the form with proper descriptive text.
  • Embed Code / Direct Link: Use the 'Copy Embed Code' button to easily add the