Form Permissions Update

Many churches are already using Forms for Contact Us, Event Registrations, Prayer Requests, Online Giving, and more. Especially when combined with Workflows, forms can be a powerful automation tool.

Controlled access to specific categories of forms

Administrators can give specific roles just the access they need. For example, a ministry coordinator can see VBS registrations or parent permission forms, but not the online donations that came in for the building project. 

We recommend that Administrators review their role permissions to expand access to Forms or fine-tune access to specific categories of Forms. Go to Permissions > Roles and check specific roles for that review.

Administrators can also review and set the category for each form. Go to the form, click on form properties, scroll down and check the appropriate box under Categories.

Options for any (or 'All') form categories

By going to Permissions > Roles and editing a specific role, permission can be granted to

  • Create
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • View Responses
  • Issue Refund 

Here's an example of a role that has access to all forms except donations. The only categories without permissions are "General Donation" and "Special Donation."







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