VBS & Children's Summer Programming - A Beginner's Guide

A beginner guide for Vacation Bible School and Children’s Summer Programming:

To say there’s a lot involved in pulling off a successful VBS is an understatement. Even defining what success should look is an entire topic unto itself - and there are certainly many great resources already available on the web.

Instead, we’re going to specifically focus on how you can best take advantage of the unique toolbox within to better streamline and enhance your summer children's programming.

To make it easy, we've provided you with some help resources to get you started:


Written Guides:

Volunteer Recruitment: Best Practices and Practical Tips to Recruit, Organize, and Communicate with all your volunteers. 

Event Registration: We've created a Children's Event form template to help you get a great start! Learn what's included and how to add other common options like T-Shirts and Payment.

Automation: Save yourself some time. Take advantage of Workflows to sort registrants into the right groups and automate communication with them, ensuring your children and leaders get the information they need, when they need it. 

Don't forget Security: Most states now require background checks for children's workers. Learn how your can help administrate and manage Background Checks.







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