Form: Contact Info Fields

Use these contact fields to collect specific information in though a properly formatted input. Using these fields is recommended for this type of data as opposed to basic fields like the short text or number fields as an example. These fields are really useful when combined with Field Sets.

list of contact info fields

Editing Fields

Editing options

Along the right side of the form editor window are standard controls to move the field up or down in its placement on the form, duplicate the field, edit the field properties, or delete the field from the form.

  •   → Grip and drag to move the field on the form
  •   → Clone or duplicate the field
  •   → Edit the field properties
  •   → Delete the field from the form

Available Fields

Person's Name

Collect the First Name and Last Name of the registrant or some other contact. The Person Field Set includes this field by default.


Easily collect correctly formatted email addresses for export or import to the database when mapped through a workflow.

Phone Number

The left-hand side of this field supplies a dropdown for the registrant to select the country they are entering the number for. To quickly select a country, simply click the drop and start typing to search.

This field also applied the correct phone number formatting upon exporting or pulling in the data into a workflow.


Easily collect the full address for the best export and workflow mapping compatibility.


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